Casinos are Depressing

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Gary Owen

23 күн мурун

I get a little depressed sometimes when I see the people in the half wheelchair half moped when I go to the casino.

Flash #Limitlessable
Flash #Limitlessable 16 күн мурун
Lol tommy egan kinda funny
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Cherry 16 күн мурун
Funny man.
Sleepy Time Sensation
Sleepy Time Sensation 17 күн мурун
DAMN Gary Owen, DAMN
Sewing Lady
Sewing Lady 18 күн мурун
Sewing Lady
Sewing Lady 18 күн мурун
Ain't nothing out here on the streets but some fools there is a reason they out here
Sewing Lady
Sewing Lady 18 күн мурун
Go get that lady back fool
Jerrod Collier
Jerrod Collier 21 күн мурун
I'm sorry,but still my favorite comedian 🤣🤣🤣😎
Soulful Kisses80
Soulful Kisses80 22 күн мурун
I don’t care he is funny to me🤣🤣🤣 not the bonus air
Terry Skarry
Terry Skarry 22 күн мурун
Everyone over here worrying to much bout Gary. Listen, he is a comedian and will post clips cause ITS HIS JOB. Keep hustling Gary, showcase your talent. I'm also calling it, he and his lady are doing a major "April fools" joke on all yall, just waiting for April 1st. Lolol
Smooth Morrison
Smooth Morrison 22 күн мурун
Great set. 😂😂😂. 😇✌️❤️🍷
Cheryl Newland
Cheryl Newland 22 күн мурун
Is it wrong to be lmao at that when he is describing my family members. Thanks for that. Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Making me see there is funny in everything.
Jo Jones
Jo Jones 22 күн мурун
🙏 May you and your family have an amicable resolution.
Dianne Hester
Dianne Hester 22 күн мурун
🤣🤣🤣Next you see someone smoking with Oxygen tank run 🏃‍♂️it is a no go flammable. Too funny!!
Justin Swartz
Justin Swartz 22 күн мурун
Nobody’s perfect I’m sure after 30 years of marriage most men in Gary’s position would have one incident. I’m glad he’s raised he’s kids and put his family first 99% of the time.
Lynn Ortiz
Lynn Ortiz 22 күн мурун
Cheater or not he is funny, ya all upset like if is your life. Let them work their problems nobody know what in the pot but the one that cooking. And there is always 2 side of the story.
360P JAY
360P JAY 22 күн мурун
Y’all all weird worried about his private life 😭😭grown ass people worried about another Grown persons life
RageXII 22 күн мурун
I look forward to these videos haha
Nvi Warren
Nvi Warren 22 күн мурун
SMH....side eye 👀
No Reason At All
No Reason At All 22 күн мурун
2:43 that Color purple joke was the best, lmao.
415 Fo life
415 Fo life 22 күн мурун
Everybody makes mistakes get your family back it’s nothing like it !!
GreatToonz 22 күн мурун
Why do you talk in black slang? saying things like 'air in THEY nose', just because you grow up around or hang out with black guys doesn't make you one. Be white dude. you are white.
Terrence Nickerson
Terrence Nickerson 22 күн мурун
Nobody to save his ass no more who gonna say the n word for you now
T.M 22 күн мурун
This ain't it.... work it out with your family
treasure the time
treasure the time 22 күн мурун
For those saying all his material is based on race or his wife, obviously this bit refutes that. He's a funny guy.
Aj B
Aj B 16 күн мурун
@My 2cents no Bc he was popular before he was married. It just gave him more material abt his kids and wife but he already made race jokes
My 2cents
My 2cents 21 күн мурун
Black audiences gravitated to his race/wife jokes. Having a Black wife was the necessary validation
Trina Wilkes
Trina Wilkes 22 күн мурун
Yes...he is hilarious
Shelly Bell
Shelly Bell 22 күн мурун
i have never seen people say that. they are just haters.
ALESIA Nichols
ALESIA Nichols 22 күн мурун
Latra Cain
Latra Cain 22 күн мурун
Not funny go to hell
Melva Strong
Melva Strong 22 күн мурун
Praying for you and your family Gary.
Rain Onme
Rain Onme 22 күн мурун
Nawww ..cheating and losing your wife and thats depressing 😕 🤦🏾‍♀️
Baby Rasta
Baby Rasta 22 күн мурун
Much love Gary ❤️
Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker 22 күн мурун
Jet pack and air...I hope you win!!
Barri Love
Barri Love 22 күн мурун
Cheeper to keep her!! Dang man I love your comedy but now I'm looking at u side ways!!!
Rain Onme
Rain Onme 22 күн мурун
You single?...hey just shooting my're cute 😍
Ur not even funmy any more.ur poor wife
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax 22 күн мурун
He doesn’t need to be funny as long as you idiots keep clicking on his videos. And quit simpin in the comment section. It’s pathetic.
Natasha Julien
Natasha Julien 22 күн мурун
Southern California
Southern California 22 күн мурун
Gary you might as well shut the comment section down
Lisa Stingel
Lisa Stingel 22 күн мурун
Gary you fucked up own it admit to it
Rosanna Rawls
Rosanna Rawls 23 күн мурун
Love these!!! Bonus air took me out 😂😂😂
Nelly from the MO
Nelly from the MO 23 күн мурун
Damn Garry you got to addresstgis cheating. This literallyyoyr whole act. Damn man
flying low
flying low 23 күн мурун
Go get ur wife back Gary!! but if u cheated on that black queen may your little pp fall off
sdelizabeth 23 күн мурун
Miss Ndaba
Miss Ndaba 23 күн мурун
You shouldn't cheat on your wife. Unsubscribed.
Just Joe
Just Joe 22 күн мурун
@Miss Ndaba nah, humans do human shit. Stay positive.
Miss Ndaba
Miss Ndaba 22 күн мурун
@Just Joe Well, you're a better person than me. 😏
Just Joe
Just Joe 22 күн мурун
@Miss Ndaba Every situation is different. I never hung out with Gary, Kenya and the kids. 😁As a principal rule, I stay out of folks buisness. I'm not condoning what Gary did or didn't do. That's between them. As a member and host of many BBQs, your still welcome to mines.
Miss Ndaba
Miss Ndaba 22 күн мурун
@Just Joe No, I meant Kenya. I guess that sounded much more racist in writing. I'm siding with her the same way I would side with Derrik Jaxn's wife if she'd decided to leave her him too. HE is the one that did the wrong... And it makes no sense for me to continue to give him my coin after embarrassing her like that. Would you continue to support your brother-in-law after the divorce?
Just Joe
Just Joe 22 күн мурун
@Miss Ndaba damn, when you said my kind, I thought you meant his wife Kenya. You meant no white folk to the BBQ. M'kay then, i'm out anyways. Good luck with those "hateful principals" and thanks for your truth.
Orlando Maldonado
Orlando Maldonado 23 күн мурун
Man, go get your wife back!! Keep your head up... 🙏
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax 22 күн мурун
@UC6Ri-gTH2q470MzytWffS2g - I was a fan wishing him the best basically. It’s to be expected under one of his videos. Pretty easy to see why a fan would click on one of his videos. Which is also the reason why it’s easy to see why that person would leave that type of why’d YOU click? 🤔
Jennifer Holloway
Jennifer Holloway 22 күн мурун
@Jwda thefax how is you deciding to hop on the comment section and be condescending any better? Because you're passing judgment on non celebrity instead of celebrity suddenly, its ok? But if they're famous it's low brow to you. Seems hypocritical
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax 22 күн мурун
@Jennifer Holloway - Read the title of the video then come back to where we are right now. Doesn’t it seem a little“high school-ish” to you? I should be the one asking why are we talking about this? How did these same ol boring “opinions” work out for those who were “in their feelings” about Kevin Hart? Opinions? Nah, more like useless gossip.
Jennifer Holloway
Jennifer Holloway 22 күн мурун
@Jwda thefax Well they had a choice not to air their dirty laundry - that was an option. Having an opinion or reaction to somethin gyou hear is not wrong - its called being a human being. If you're so above it all i'm not sure why we're still discussing this - you're too good to have an opinion on it
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax 22 күн мурун
@Jennifer Holloway - You clearly didn’t get my point. You really don’t hear how you somehow sound like this situation has something to do with you instead of complete strangers? You don’t know a damn thing besides what you’ve read, or seen on the internet.....and you shouldn’t care either way. Giving a damn about any of this is what makes it corny. Most of his fans are supposedly grown. Putting any energy in this mess whatsoever should be embarrassing for anyone over a certain age.
John Zuege
John Zuege 23 күн мурун
Jet pack of air. Lmao
RM M 23 күн мурун
Love these clips, I'm dying here! 😅😅😅
Sj A
Sj A 23 күн мурун
1st! Always wanted to be first 😂 hope you coping well Gary! The fans for your back
BcnEggNChz 23 күн мурун
Keeps the clips coming Gary, Jokes through the pain bro
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