The Negotiator

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Gary Owen

29 күн мурун

Comedian Gary Owen tells a Lexington crowd the story of what happened when a fan in Atlanta came on stage with a weapon.

whatudoin1 20 күн мурун
You guys are so invested in his private life. When does someone go from fan to Stan?
Taurus Lange
Taurus Lange 21 күн мурун
Gary we love you!!! I love you sooo much! Bought my parents tickets for your NYE comedy stand up with mike Epps in Chicago a few years back just so they can see you they said it was great so now it’s my turn to see you live!!! Blessings to you and the family no matter how the situation goes. Love to the whole family from Illinois!
Lutonya Palomino
Lutonya Palomino 21 күн мурун
Go get your wife back and work it out
Lady Lady
Lady Lady 21 күн мурун
Gary married a black woman. He started his career in the black community and was accepted. He got recognition and wealth from the support of black people. Gary has to ask himself if Dallas Texas, his white side chick is worth destroying his marriage and possible black departure of his shows in this debacle. He definitely has lost me as a fan. I always wondered how Kenya felt with some of his jokes involving her and their intimacies. I always felt embarrassed for her. Well it's Dallas Texas' turn now. Maybe not, remember they have more respect for their white women. Sad though.
ALESIA Nichols
ALESIA Nichols 22 күн мурун
Ruger Rell
Ruger Rell 23 күн мурун
Gary is funny as hell he has only positive vibes I hope he and has wife work things out 💯
Daniel Odia
Daniel Odia 23 күн мурун
Damn. I feel guilty for watching this for the wrong reasons. I wanna hear from Gary so bad!
C.C.Camp2005 23 күн мурун
So I guess you did cheat on your wife because you're mighty quiet and I bet you also got the side piece pregnant because once again you are mighty quiet!!
betty volcy
betty volcy 23 күн мурун
Well ..what jokes is he going to do..? more black jokes i believe..
DANNY D 24 күн мурун
Gary Owen 🔥
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 24 күн мурун
Whats Gary Owen's favorite animal? A Cheetah.
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips 24 күн мурун
I never imagine Gary cheating on his wife I always look at Gary like he only had eyes for Kenya we all make mistakes though
Justin Swartz
Justin Swartz 24 күн мурун
Gary Owens career about to skyrocket when he starts dating A thick booty 25 year old redbone from New Orleans
Jothem Jajo
Jothem Jajo 24 күн мурун
I feel like a hip hop artist...waaaat!!!!! 🤣
Sheila Kitson
Sheila Kitson 24 күн мурун
I don’t know when you recorded this, but your tail need to be doing some negotiating right about now bruh!✌🏽
JDub 44
JDub 44 25 күн мурун
You guys go any questions?😂😂
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 25 күн мурун
Cheating on his black wife was the ONLY thing that could hurt Gary's career. If he got accused of anything else, his fanbase would have his back. But not this, he's gonna lose at least half of it if any of that is true. Maybe more, because black culture will see this as another white guy using their culture to further themselves.
Lolita Johnson
Lolita Johnson 16 күн мурун
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 23 күн мурун
@A Renee Holmes You know dumb people love claiming culture appropriation at every possible chance. I saw Twitter, people that never heard of him are already doing it.
A Renee Holmes
A Renee Holmes 23 күн мурун
Looking at this from a Black female perspective, I don’t understand this “black culture“ thing you mentioned. That’s not true. We don’t think in a monolithic way. They were married a long time and have two beautiful children. How would you think that we would say that he used our “culture”? If he loses any part of his Fanbase, it would be because he let people down by not living up to their expectations (in that he cheated). It matters not the amount of melanin in her skin. Also, he liked black women before he met Kenya, & we don’t all have the same reactions.. He will not lose (the Black) “half of” his Fanbase because of this. The man is funny whether or not he’s married.
Truth Is
Truth Is 24 күн мурун
Well she allowed herself to be used if indeed she was used. But people get divorced it's universal. She'll find another Gary life goes on. Just a brotha perspective.
Lvkidz2 26 күн мурун
Shout out to the commentators on here!!! Y’all will be funnier than Gary’s jokes now that the Mrs is no more. I mean, his black experience was the foundation of his material. Awwwwwwh
Lady of JUDAH
Lady of JUDAH 26 күн мурун
Smdh will we hear of how much u love your black wife in any upcoming specials? Since your black family was a lot of your jokes.
Myron G Stevens jr
Myron G Stevens jr 27 күн мурун
Lez Moore
Lez Moore 27 күн мурун
Love your comedy Gary!😂 I must say that I’m sorry to hear of you and Kenya divorcing.😢 I feel like no matter what the reason, it’s a sad situation. Sometimes anger and pride keep couples from doing the work to see why things went wrong. If there’s any way to work things out, I really hope it happens! If not, I wish the best to both of you moving forward.❤️ Still a fan cuz we’re all human.
Linea Alba
Linea Alba 27 күн мурун
If it's done, it's done. Good luck to both parties.
American Outside
American Outside 27 күн мурун
Old Navy, you're a national treasure, stay safe!
Dollface Killa
Dollface Killa 27 күн мурун
People are quick to turn on Gary when it turns out that he's human and not perfect. These word! I ride with Gary married, divorced or whatever. He's a man, not Jesus and it's not my business. He's funny and makes me laugh. If his family is going through something, I'm praying for them all. He's still my play cousin.
Marilyn Brown
Marilyn Brown 27 күн мурун
Liz Pough
Liz Pough 27 күн мурун
Gary said I better keep working... post another video
joseph McCray
joseph McCray 27 күн мурун
Cheetah 27 күн мурун
The Cheater 📱
Angie Thomas
Angie Thomas 27 күн мурун
Gary you need to give some insight on your pending divorce since your family love was always the subject in your routines...sad to hear another beautiful family breaking up ...but it could be for the best 🙏🏾
M H 27 күн мурун
That's his family. He doesn't need to give you or anyone else insight. All he needs to do is work on his family...
Tommy Hillard
Tommy Hillard 27 күн мурун
Way 2 show support against racism by wearing a jacket 2 cover most of it.. 👍
M H 27 күн мурун
@Tommy Hillard lol....
Tommy Hillard
Tommy Hillard 27 күн мурун
@M H yeah after working so hard plus overtime 2 even notice let alone figure it out
M H 27 күн мурун
If you can read it then doesn't it look like it did its job......
Dreama19 27 күн мурун
I cant abide a cheater. Not cool.
Clarence Bryant
Clarence Bryant 27 күн мурун
Next Thursday is April 1st. My hope is that Kenya is that weeks guest and we all share a good laugh.
Rena Stewart
Rena Stewart 23 күн мурун
Yep on Wendy Williams show, how ironic
Ki Ayala
Ki Ayala 27 күн мурун
Hope you stay safe and that everything works out. I'm not speaking on any of your personal shit because it's not my business and we don't know the whole story anyway. Just be careful and keep up the great work.
Hideki Synth
Hideki Synth 27 күн мурун
Address it gary
Patrick Tuggles
Patrick Tuggles 27 күн мурун
The cheater lol
Sabrina Ellis
Sabrina Ellis 27 күн мурун
I hope it's not true.
Lynn Speelman
Lynn Speelman 27 күн мурун
Gary is hilarious 😂😂😂
Lisa Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez 28 күн мурун
Yo lurkin 4 sum blue hundreds from dah internet? Yo free to slide on my broker, he FLY ASF.. Got my Racks flipped couple of times wit him 😎
Esiquiel Rivera
Esiquiel Rivera 28 күн мурун
Guess gary aint got 200 million reasons for his wife to forgive him like kevin hart's wife forgave him
O Review
O Review 28 күн мурун
He really came across as a great guy an upcoming comedy legend destined for greatness in the craft. Sad that he is not. Very sad. He had a great family foundation. It will be hard to see him the same way again.
Robbie White
Robbie White 24 күн мурун
@O Review keep that same energy with hart he did the same shit
Dollface Killa
Dollface Killa 27 күн мурун
Key word is mistake, and we don't know the details. What he did or didn't do doesn't change my view if him. He's human and I still like and support his craft and him.
O Review
O Review 27 күн мурун
@360P JAY unfortunately his whole comedy act is based on his family. Just fyi...btw I didn't cause it. He did. So stop attacking me because a public person made a mistake and destroyed his 23 year marriage.
360P JAY
360P JAY 27 күн мурун
Lol you’re gonna shit on his whole career for his personal life that’s none of your business or mine, great person you seem to be
Nade Cha
Nade Cha 28 күн мурун
The next stand up clip is gona be “The Divorcer”.
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers 28 күн мурун
Not judging Kenya or Gary until everything...everything...everything comes out. Then still not judging because none of us will know the real shit anyway.
JacquelynLevy 17 күн мурун
@ronaldmcdonald1977 he didn’t have anything when they got together
Suhadi Rivas
Suhadi Rivas 23 күн мурун
Right ? We dont know everyone story. Always 3 sides to all stories
ronaldmcdonald1977 24 күн мурун
Kenya was a golddigger from Day 1
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown 28 күн мурун
#doinwhatido Gary aint a cheater he is loyal! The divorce is a hoax and fake news
Gantz Is Sloppy
Gantz Is Sloppy 28 күн мурун
Cant believe he hasn't disabled comments yet
Country Slang
Country Slang 27 күн мурун
No need to. If its true its true. That's his marriage.
T.R. S.-Roberts
T.R. S.-Roberts 27 күн мурун
Cause he’s reading them. He’s embarrassed.
Karen Daniel
Karen Daniel 28 күн мурун
Praying to Jesus for you and your family.
Ernest Flowers
Ernest Flowers 28 күн мурун
When gary's wife goes to sign them papers, gary is going to say" Don't" you touch that pen...... I didn't even know about this divorce until these comments. I hope they work it out man, 23 years ain't no walk in the park.
CC cro
CC cro 28 күн мурун
We want the marriage split/tea Gary not jokes today.
Phil Malone
Phil Malone 28 күн мурун
The comments FOR this video will have nothing to do WITH this video. You already know why I’m here........
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 21 күн мурун
Me too 🤦🏾‍♀️
esco1972 28 күн мурун
I'll only be surprised if u cheated with a white lady lol
Hazel Eyes
Hazel Eyes 28 күн мурун
I’m here just for his comedy 😂 he still funny lol
GSA Maven
GSA Maven 28 күн мурун
Praying for you and your family Gary
Phyllis Robinson
Phyllis Robinson 28 күн мурун
This my opinion only my opinion ok. I don't BELIEVE they getting a divorce. I just believe it just to hike up the media
Deacon Mack
Deacon Mack 28 күн мурун
Praying for you bro and your family, I been in your shoes before. Just take it like a man and bounce back.
HatinTheSwagHUH 757
HatinTheSwagHUH 757 28 күн мурун
Hes one of the best
I YAM WHITE 28 күн мурун
Kim Kardashian knew this day was coming,she divorced the 6 billion dollar man who always pouts in pictures with her,so she and handsome laughing Gary could get together.
Trashy Pine
Trashy Pine 28 күн мурун
Lol...I knew it
freebirdallen 28 күн мурун
That would be something!
ShaeLovve 28 күн мурун
Natasha Julien
Natasha Julien 28 күн мурун
GARY!!!!!! DONT SAY SH**!!!
BigHandsome519 28 күн мурун
At least his kids grown so no child support
latalik blue
latalik blue 28 күн мурун
Mr Davis
Mr Davis 28 күн мурун
I'm hoping that they can work things out. 23 years is a long time and she's such a big part of his standup routines. People make mistakes, but damn I never thought it would be Gary!
GALA TV 27 күн мурун
He cheated ??
Zee Villa
Zee Villa 27 күн мурун
Cheating is not a mistake. Someone cannot accidentally slip and fall, then land in someone's vagina. Infidelity is a choice.
Tammy Soto
Tammy Soto 28 күн мурун
I'm hoping it's NOT true
maNcube 28 күн мурун
The block is hot Gary, hide for a bit.
joe broadbeef
joe broadbeef 28 күн мурун
H Lee
H Lee 28 күн мурун
mistress adina
mistress adina 28 күн мурун
so now we know the real reason someone tried to beat his ass on stage.
cleve Apollo
cleve Apollo 28 күн мурун
Well garry should of stop talking about that garbellal union party you know woman can't stand that . Best to and your family , your podcast got big and you got horny.
Ringo Ringo
Ringo Ringo 28 күн мурун
The only dislike here must be from ......
Sam Young
Sam Young 28 күн мурун
I'm going to laugh if this Divorce is all a set up for a new special. Hope everything works out for the best for both you and your wife.
Doris Acheampong
Doris Acheampong 21 күн мурун
@Aaron Henderson how the hell do you know fool. She is from Cali Kenya the Bay area born n raise. If he didn't cheat he dont have nothing to worry about.
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson 27 күн мурун
She got a house built in Cali. Moved him to a state where he will lose more. Trust me it’s been in the world for awhile.
Nova Vega
Nova Vega 28 күн мурун
He won't be the first one getting a divorce and certainly not the last. Just because he's well-known doesn't mean he's not going through or feeling what "regular" people feel during times like these. Give him a break guys or he'll be the next one "found unresponsive in a motel room."
J B 28 күн мурун
First you get someone on stage trying to kill you, then you lose your wife... that's a hell of a week😧
Just Joe
Just Joe 28 күн мурун
Humans do human shit. People acting like they're perfect and this is some new shit and never happened before. I hope all works out for you and the family and I will continue to be a fan. Fuggum all, funny is funny.
Nozipho Khumalo
Nozipho Khumalo 27 күн мурун
So true
Natasha Julien
Natasha Julien 28 күн мурун
princess The
princess The 28 күн мурун
Gary I’m shocked you cheated on that queen👑 👸
Robbie White
Robbie White 24 күн мурун
@Nade Cha running that shit in the ground keep it up 😄
Country Slang
Country Slang 27 күн мурун
@Favor aint fair best advice. Ty
Favor aint fair
Favor aint fair 27 күн мурун
Mind the business that pays you
Tammy Soto
Tammy Soto 27 күн мурун
oh damn.. Wifey spazzed on IG, I have to look for that...
Southern California
Southern California 27 күн мурун
@geo 23 I thought about that until she went on IG and spazzed out
Woke AF
Woke AF 28 күн мурун
Why you getting a divorce, Gary? Don't! DON'T!
the super family ost
the super family ost 28 күн мурун
Why Gary? Why did you throw a torch on EVERYTHING.
SomeGuyJohn 28 күн мурун
headtrauma911 28 күн мурун
Y'all know why you clicked this, Nosey Nosey
Rena Stewart
Rena Stewart 23 күн мурун
I came for the comments also because as soon as the divorce was filed, people have been roasting him everyday, I just needed a few laughs ijs
Eklypze 26 күн мурун
I clicked just for the comments sections. Not something I do too often.
Project Scenes
Project Scenes 28 күн мурун
Gary... we live in a different time bro. You need to address the divorce or else you’ll be bombarded with comments talking about it. Giving you a heads up! Love your work and wish you the best.
treasure the time
treasure the time 24 күн мурун
Wtf. Actors and actresses divorce and remarry months later. Nobody gives a duck. Personal life is personal life.
Country Slang
Country Slang 27 күн мурун
To be honest. He doesn't need to address a thing. Ppl divorce everyday B. That's the problem with ppl. They think they are owed an explanation of something they have nothing to do with.
J.Wences 28 күн мурун
Doesnt matter if he does address it, people are still gonna talk/comment about it yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s never gonna stop, there will always be at least one person talking about it.
Princess_Tobi 28 күн мурун
Gary.. Imma just keep posting and watch my views go up cause everybody waiting... lol.. I ain't even listen to the video I'm here reading the comments...
Rena Stewart
Rena Stewart 23 күн мурун
Same here
ALONZO DAVIS 28 күн мурун
I dont believe the Rumors Gary/str8N that Sucka Stuff on the next #GETSOME
T 28 күн мурун
I pray that he finds Solace. He seems like a nice man. Yea I know their marriage was 17 yrs long and I’m not making excuses for anyone. I do suspect that he never meant to hurt his family like this. Funny dude!🙏🏾❤️
T.M 28 күн мурун
They were together 23yrs.... terrible
RONEFFECT 28 күн мурун
Gary said “NOPE! Bitch y’all thought” 😂
C.L. Searles
C.L. Searles 28 күн мурун
melissa Smith
melissa Smith 28 күн мурун
jaymeal123 28 күн мурун
U can still get a plate at the picnic but u can’t stay tooo long!!! In fact I’ll leave it at the front door!!! ✌🏾
A Renee Holmes
A Renee Holmes 23 күн мурун
😆 I agree. He’s still picnic material, but he can’t stay too long.
Nova Vega
Nova Vega 28 күн мурун
@Ringo Ringo U really can only trust yourself in the end.
Ringo Ringo
Ringo Ringo 28 күн мурун
Only when they need you Uhhh?! Thanks for the reminder to never trust ... anyone
jaymeal123 28 күн мурун
@Nova Vega 😅😂😅😂🤣😂
Nova Vega
Nova Vega 28 күн мурун
Nope. Bring it to him in the car.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 28 күн мурун
I heard yall getting a divorce. Please say it ain't so!!
Jaime Alvarado Sr.
Jaime Alvarado Sr. 28 күн мурун
No way bro
RONEFFECT 28 күн мурун
We all know damn well why we are all here on this video lol.
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips 24 күн мурун
I’m a fan
Favor aint fair
Favor aint fair 27 күн мурун
Were you expecting him to mention it here? 🤔
freebirdallen 28 күн мурун
That's the only reason I'm here!
Mercenary 1914
Mercenary 1914 28 күн мурун
To support one of our favorites.
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