Supporting the BLM Marches

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Gary Owen

Ай мурун

My daughter got me going to all the Black Lives Matter marches

Joe L Rodriquez
Joe L Rodriquez 22 күн мурун
I support the BLM until they start looting and when they killed that poor owner in Dallas stabbed him to death beat him to death I no longer supported it
ROOT LADY Ай мурун
Tell your daughter to research GEORGE SOROS and the Black Lives Matter Movement Gary...also..the Willie Lynch get a better Innerstanding of these very deep agendas is to be able to know what you are getting into as a BORN Activist and most of all a being with EMPATHY.Ive been in the "trenches* and sharing some very serious a risk I know but US EMPATHS are in Earth for this purpose.Appreciate you Gary Owen!YOU are a bold spirit!And a hilarious comedian!!!!Prayers up for you&your familia!✊💪💞💓💕💖✌👁👁👁
Jen D
Jen D Ай мурун
So.............can we? ✊😂
Ken Morgan
Ken Morgan Ай мурун
That was so funny thank you so much
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro Ай мурун
I want me some white chocolate !!! YUM !!!
PabloM187 Ай мурун
Love GO!!! My top 10 comics
Ron Rutan
Ron Rutan Ай мурун
Yea that election totally wasn't rigged. Everything looked completely on the up and up ;)
Michael Hertzman
Michael Hertzman Ай мурун
Gary haven’t you had a lifetime BBQ pass since the 90s? Man you swear you’ll ever get cancelled.
Castle Ай мурун
*Did he wrote his sketch on his hand?*
Fay Ай мурун
prince James amon ra and American Indian Cherokee
prince James amon ra and American Indian Cherokee Ай мурун
White men like to smell fear. I dont follow blm cause its a governmental organization
Jo Momma
Jo Momma Ай мурун
“I ain’t lose you lose” 😂😂😂 I loved this set
Stephanie Huurman
Stephanie Huurman Ай мурун
When the pandemic is over please come to Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 you have gotten me through last few years of treatments , by far one the best comics !.
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord Ай мурун
John Tischer
John Tischer Ай мурун
You'll remember 2020 the way you remember every year of your life....after six months you won't remember. There are no Liberal comedians.....look what happened to SNL.
Mike Laping
Mike Laping Ай мурун
So confused by this comment ......
Jim Hatfield
Jim Hatfield Ай мурун
Fools. BLM is a socialist organization! Keep drinking the cool aid!
Jaquan Waller
Jaquan Waller Ай мурун
I can hear Tahir and Kevonstage laughing in the crowd
Geo ff
Geo ff Ай мурун
I'm trying to figure out if his kids have white privilege or are they oppressed because they are black
Journeys In This Crazy World
Journeys In This Crazy World Ай мурун
Next time put ya hand all the way up 😆 😆
Journeys In This Crazy World
Journeys In This Crazy World Ай мурун
😆 😆 gotta get yo own sunscreen 😆
giy147 Ай мурун
Stop racism... "ALL LIVES MATTER"
giy147 Ай мурун
@Mark Ajamu I'm not racist at all... perhaps it's you who are racist. Regardless of what you say... All lives must matter if anyone is to overcome RACISM.
Woody Ай мурун
@Mark Ajamu you’re the problem
Mark Ajamu
Mark Ajamu Ай мурун
Myles Watkins
Myles Watkins Ай мурун
You funny even in a pranayama!
BMO 84
BMO 84 Ай мурун
Gary's white shame is embarrassing, dude needs to sack up and find some new material besides all these black/white jokes
BMO 84
BMO 84 Ай мурун
@Mike Laping every joke he makes is about race, it's getting old
Mike Laping
Mike Laping Ай мурун
Comedians forever ever have made fun of their experiences, surroundings, community. Gary does just this and you're upset about it. Lol I just can't with some people anymore, man. Just can not.
stanley maye
stanley maye Ай мурун
His black n white jokes are funny af
Woody Ай мурун
@Justin Setzer how about you you white apologist..
Justin Setzer
Justin Setzer Ай мурун
Shut up
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson Ай мурун
The commercial is hilarious 😂
DANNY D Ай мурун
Gary Owen 🔥
COTD Ай мурун
this is comedy in 2021, huh? yikes
Pheonyx Johnson
Pheonyx Johnson Ай мурун
The ending got me dead 💀
mrslst911 Ай мурун
🎬🎬🎬🎬 I saw this live and it's still hilarious. 😆
Rikkid Germano
Rikkid Germano Ай мурун
Not his best but not his worst either. I have seen better........
Dominique Richardson
Dominique Richardson Ай мурун
can I pay to see this online?
Dustin A.
Dustin A. Ай мурун
Gary’s the 🐐
MegaSkilla Ай мурун
As a black American multiple tour O.I.F. combat veteran hearing Garys white guilt is saddening.
Woody Ай мурун
Thank you.. I’m tired off these black people out there (not all) trying to put all this guilt on us modern day white people... I, nor any off the people I know and associate with have ever had a problem with black people and have always just thought of them as other human beings as they are but this stuff is honestly starting to feel us up with resentment when we had no resentment to begin with... they’re accomplishing the exact opposite of what their goal is... I’m not saying their isn’t white people who don’t like black people but they’re making non-racist white people become racist because of the way they attack us and try to make us feel guilt and shame for something we have not nor would ever do..
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis Ай мурун
It shouldn't be. White people know they should be helping us. They should feel guilty. They are wrong. Guilt occurs when you know you're wrong and continue because you're either too weak or enjoying the benefits too much to do what's right.
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis Ай мурун
@Future Pants I can understand that being white makes it easy for you to listen exclusively to racist black Americans speak their opinions. If you decide to analyze the issue on your own you will realize that your decision to be associated with the term White permits the international oppression of people based on their complexion. This does not compare in any degree or percentage to the few unfortunate incidents that happened to your Irish ancestors. The 'oppression' THEY experienced THEN does not affect you now. Nor is it or has it EVER been built into laws that permit YOUR public execution. Honestly, if someone didn't tell you or if you didn't have access to a text book you wouldn't even know it happened.
Future Pants
Future Pants Ай мурун
100% agreed, his daughter is out there supporting people who say shit like "white people have less empathy and are less HUMAN that blacks" "all white people are racist" and my favorite, as a descendant of Irish immigrants, "white people have never been oppressed" but he just smiles and nods because confrontation and thinking for yourself is really hard.
Mostro Selvaggio
Mostro Selvaggio Ай мурун
Was this is in someone's basement? I see a propane tank …. some outside furniture …. pretty sure I saw lil Timmy's bike
Ollie Handro
Ollie Handro Ай мурун
He to funny
KPV life a.k.a tattii
KPV life a.k.a tattii Ай мурун
Im weak 🤣🤣🤣
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon Ай мурун
Gary...keep on being a MESS!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Love you man..🥰💯🙌🏾
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark Ай мурун
R.I.p Kobe 🙏 2020 Sucked
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - Ай мурун
The commercial bit had me on the floor
J Jam
J Jam Ай мурун so stupid...coppertone....crazy funny.
ZOOL99 Ай мурун
Fuck covid... When it ends this man needs to come to the UK. Love you dude
Lennie Minder
Lennie Minder Ай мурун
Pa HT Ай мурун
Email LOL
Taro Q
Taro Q Ай мурун
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 coppertone joke was hilarious.
PeACe 051
PeACe 051 Ай мурун
This Brother is crazy that a muffuga 😂😂😂😂🤞🏽😃🙋🏽‍♂️🇿🇦
SK Live
SK Live Ай мурун
Biden stole the election. Dead people voted for Joe! Total election fraud. Anyone that thinks different is brainwashed. Stop watching mainstream fakenews. None of the courts would even look at the evidence that Trump had prepared. There's your proof that all of the judges were paid off. Man, I used to think you were cool. Disappointed.
OneTime Gregory
OneTime Gregory Ай мурун
Trump lost fair and square. And you continuing to bitch and cry about it isn't gonna change the outcome. Biden is your President. Get used to it.
Asia Mmkay
Asia Mmkay Ай мурун
😭💀😂 this is golden
Jay R Jr Jay R Jr
Jay R Jr Jay R Jr Ай мурун
Soo you were in this garage?
plushpuppy32 Ай мурун
I need sunblock so I don't look like a lobster
Andrea Gonzales
Andrea Gonzales Ай мурун
(Takes slow deep breath........)
Sam Young
Sam Young Ай мурун
Coppertone Aww man you funny Gary. I saw the show and I laughed. Hope to see you again on Keep Your Distance or other shows
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott Ай мурун
🤣🤣🤣🤣Salute Gary Owen KGglobal Fam 💪💯💯💯
Oneshotup Ай мурун
Pandemic putting a hurting on comedy shows. They got Gary in a garage with propane heaters and shit.
Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins Ай мурун
@Mary T facts. I’m thankful that KGglobal and other social media is a facet of our daily life because if not our vocational figures wouldn’t have a voice
Pheonyx Johnson
Pheonyx Johnson Ай мурун
@Mary T He has been around for years here in the U.S. so he’s had a good following before Social Media
Kevin Wendell
Kevin Wendell Ай мурун
That's the Kevonstage virtual comedy special. He does one about 3-4 times a month from his studio
sincerelyquiqui Ай мурун
@Mary T Exactly!!
Mary T
Mary T Ай мурун
Yeah but the difference is his set was seen by potentially 7000 people internationally conservatively. I watched the show and I'm based in the UK. I watched at the end of the 48 hour time frame and the view count was at 31k mark. I'm assuming rewatch figures cuts that down. I don't know what Gary biggest physical venue count has been. But surely that number must be up there. Don't get confused by the organisers not wasting money on an old school venue. They responded to the pandemic restrictions found a way to put on a show and still give the comedians the audience feedback they need, while minimising costs. They pivoted and made it successful. The question is are you stuck in a era that is changing.
Brandon Dixon
Brandon Dixon Ай мурун
paul massey
paul massey Ай мурун
What a Great & classy set Gary ! You got class uncle Gary !!
Sharonnia Larkins
Sharonnia Larkins Ай мурун
Come on Gary.....
Future Pants
Future Pants Ай мурун
yeah i liked him from a few videos I saw but this turned me off of him as a comedian forever, the man is an idiot. And even ignorance is no excuse to support that racist BLM nonsense.
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