Replacing Confederate Statues

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Gary Owen

Ай мурун

I have some ideas on what we could replace the confederate statues with.
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Dloin 2 күн мурун
In ancient Greek tinny PPs were a sign of a great mind. That's why so much if these statues have small dicks
Mich050 3 күн мурун
Why are Democrats removing statues of other Democrats? I don't get it...
M. M. M.
M. M. M. 7 күн мурун
They should replace all statues with rainbows and unicorns. It'll distract from all the trash and junkies..
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro Ай мурун
If only all Caucasian, heterosexual men thought like this guy America would be the best country on Earth.
sean cornelius
sean cornelius Ай мурун
So much salt in this comment section 🤣🤣 The jokes were solid tho lol
D C Ай мурун
Wow let’s put statues up that are sexist. Dumb AF
DANNY D Ай мурун
Gary Owen 🔥
William Arrington
William Arrington Ай мурун
Cancel culture will make no statue ok. You only erase history so it cant be used against you.
William Arrington
William Arrington Ай мурун
@Kin Crawford Tell that to the government that honored them. You really don't know your history at all. U.S. Code 38 does require the government, when requested, to put up a headstone for soldiers of the Union and Confederate armies of the Civil War, which was confirmed again in 1958 under Public Law 85. That same law also extends veterans’ pensions “to widows of veterans who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.”
Kin Crawford
Kin Crawford Ай мурун
@William Arrington Dude, are you still here. 1} I meant exactly what I said. 2} You can't be an honored American Soldier fighting AGAINST America. 3} The point I am NOT missing is what the war was all about. Every bit of the "clarifying" info you are posting has been repeated ad nauseam. All that talk is just double-speak for what it was. The states rights that were being fought over was the right to own and kerep slaves. The economic issue was about slave labor, the goods produced from it, and the tax rate applied to it. ALL of it revolved around SLAVES. 4} If you actually think you can move this debate forward with all of this old-as-hell claptrap, then you are obviously used to dealing with lesser informed types. Either up your game, or just stop.
William Arrington
William Arrington Ай мурун
@Kin Crawford You mean an honored American Soldier. The point your missing is that the war wasnt actually about slavery. It became about it at the end but it was actually a war about economics.
Kin Crawford
Kin Crawford Ай мурун
@William Arrington Try what again? The last points I posted are facts, and are fully enough to warrant any current actions against him. Look, if YOU choose to continue to worship a traitor and a racist, then so be it. I'm done here.
William Arrington
William Arrington Ай мурун
@Kin Crawford He actually taught at the war college and black and white didn't even come into his decision. Try again
Nick W.
Nick W. Ай мурун
Next time Gary performs in NJ, I am going to see him. Have become a big fan due to KGglobal. Hysterical, but also makes you think. Funny as Hell and always makes me smile
tony gandy
tony gandy Ай мурун
They want to cancel Gary for being white so he's gonna prove he will attack white culture
Michael Aguilar
Michael Aguilar Ай мурун
trying way too hard, lame
sikosis999 Ай мурун
dude, step away from the woke soiboi fake flake sjw bullshit and get back to talking on what you know. . . . cause blending that with your known niche of comedy is just cringe and horrible.
skinquest Ай мурун
I hardly recognized him. He wasn't trying to appropriate black culture
Nelson Jackson
Nelson Jackson Ай мурун
They're moments recognizing important american history, if we avoid our history and act like it never happened we just end up repeating the same issues. Like now we're currently on the verge of civil war bc everyone has just sat back and let shit happen
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro Ай мурун
America has always been divided especially now that right wingers have lost their minds thinking they are some kind of "patriotic heroes" when they are in fact domestic terrorists. The Orange Clown might have left the White House but he left America even more wounded that it already was. Confederate soldiers were traitors, plain and simple. YES, they are part of American History so they being in a book would do just fine.
Margaret Richardson
Margaret Richardson Ай мурун
John Tischer
John Tischer Ай мурун
You're no even funny and you're trying to be topical. I think you'd make a great truck driver.
Unicorn GTR
Unicorn GTR Ай мурун
Quit shilling smh
johnny wilson
johnny wilson Ай мурун
Jodi Williams
Jodi Williams Ай мурун
I loved the set...but I didn't know Titi's was a curse why cover up the titi's lol
Pheonyx Johnson
Pheonyx Johnson Ай мурун
Because like with everything enough Karens must have complained
Terrie Wigfall
Terrie Wigfall Ай мурун
I hearty heart Gary Owens!!!
Valerie Ай мурун
The censorship though? 👀
Toniel Taylor
Toniel Taylor Ай мурун
He's on to something 🤔
30 yrs a nurse
30 yrs a nurse Ай мурун
If U are diagnosed with a Terminal condition please listen to him All Day.. Laughter is a cure live Forever 😊!
Eric B
Eric B Ай мурун
* * * go re-look at Rodan's the thinker ... thank you Mandela Effect
Morphit77 Ай мурун
lmmfao. Ok, change is good. thats hilarious
Kane affleck-brown
Kane affleck-brown Ай мурун
Normally I'm not into censorship at all but this time around i made me giggle loool.
Comstance Jemkins
Comstance Jemkins Ай мурун
Lord have mercy... Gary you are a Fool 🤣😂😅😆😊🙃
Konstanze Rozz
Konstanze Rozz Ай мурун
Nick Winchester
Nick Winchester Ай мурун
His memory is amazing .. verbatim the joke he told in Kentucky at comedy off Broadway
Polo Biscuits
Polo Biscuits Ай мурун
The most confused human on the planet
The Troublesome Token Black Guy- Atratus
The Troublesome Token Black Guy- Atratus Ай мурун
You’re salty. I can understand that. Get over it
Oneshotup Ай мурун
How so?
Shadow21GX Ай мурун
The crowd can't stop laughing. Neither can I.
Aldijian Washington
Aldijian Washington Ай мурун
Laughed so hard I forgot what I wanted to write. Gary makes me laugh everytime. Come back to Nola, when it's safe of course.
Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television Ай мурун
Removal of confederate statues is a trick bag. Liberal whites don't want their young to see how ruthless whites were in taking over the nation. Thus..they'll be able to do it again in a decade or so....
Tim Ring
Tim Ring Ай мурун
The reason the statues are such small man parts was because it was supposed to be the smaller the man parts the bigger the brain they were supposed to be more intelligent I would rather have a big man part then to be smarter oh yeah I already do lol
Tim Ring
Tim Ring Ай мурун
Nope only me lol
busa89 Ай мурун
Im sure thats what they told everybody lol
Pernice Cartwright
Pernice Cartwright Ай мурун
thanks for the laugh
Mitsuo Mits
Mitsuo Mits Ай мурун
The reason why statues have « little ones » is: people are always outraged because a male statue is publicly displaying something they don’t want to see.
Raymond Harris
Raymond Harris Ай мурун
SIGH!!! Ok change is good...😁
Momo Foy
Momo Foy Ай мурун
I laughed but on a serious note I think it could work...
My Girlfriend’s Work Boyfriend
My Girlfriend’s Work Boyfriend Ай мурун
eto gromche dlya lyudey szadi
Andromeda Delux
Andromeda Delux Ай мурун
L Parks
L Parks Ай мурун
I'd loooove to see it!!
Journeys In This Crazy World
Journeys In This Crazy World Ай мурун
Oh my goodness 😆 😆 😆
Alex Lew
Alex Lew Ай мурун
All those statues were put up by the UDC . United Daughters of the Confederacy . They have literally white washed history in the South . Pushing the “ States Rights “ arguments rather than slavery . And the evils that caused and maintained that system . Every one of those statues was erected to intimidate the Blacks in the south .
Sam Young
Sam Young Ай мурун
You're crazy for this one Gary.
Jerrica Mcfarland
Jerrica Mcfarland Ай мурун
First comment love you Gary your jokes are amazing.
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