Frank Grillo or Griyo with Bryan Callen I #GetSome Ep. 150 with Gary Owen

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Gary Owen

29 күн мурун

Did I say griyo? I hope Frank Grillo doesn’t see this podcast. Cause I butchered his name.

Savage Brenda Quinn
Savage Brenda Quinn 9 күн мурун
I have that movie in my collections ''Warrior" great fucking movie.
Tool Brothers
Tool Brothers 21 күн мурун
Damn I miss Byron!
KoreanBritish 28 күн мурун
Is this the same guy on the Candice show? Completely changed his tune
Ram Bo
Ram Bo 28 күн мурун
The man dragon killed on this ep. Great guest choice Gary.
Taro Q
Taro Q 28 күн мурун
...CellAmen... 28 күн мурун
True or false? Shorting stocks! Example: A company not of value because it’s bricks and mortar and it’s becoming obsolete like blockbusters video became. The (stock)market allows’ hedge funds major stock purchasing powers, this leads to the value of the stock of a target company being stock bought to sky rocket artificially to a high share price increase,which leads to the market investors eventually turning their back on the buy in on that company’s stock... Bankruptcy looming, frozen stocks, chapter 11 and such! Now back on the point of shorting. I take it tier elite hegemon (in the USA 🇺🇸 State senators and congress women/men and in the U.K.🇬🇧any Ministers in the control seat of public sector pension funds and where they are hedge funded to) get in on the ground floor share price, before the lemmings( huge numbers of clients not in control of their fiscal pension investment direction) hedge fund (eg private pensions,public pension,union pensions, civil servants pension funds, military pension funds) fund start the stock buy up which bulls the stock price rise. Whilst the rise is on the financial advisors and those in on the rise will short the stock when the time is right. When hedge funds bottle it and start selling their positions. If you’ve been shorting the stock, soon you’ll buy back from the market your borrowed stock you sold. You’ll hopefully be buying it back for a lot lower price,you sold it for after you initially borrowed it from your lender. Ground floor hegemon investors sell high, before the price goes to high to be able to sell and they make a fortune. All others still in holding the over blown balloon are in a bear it or bust position. Even the most idiotic hedge fund / financial advisor will not buy this now heavily overpriced toxic stock. No incentive to buy, even if you want to sell your position, it is precarious at best. Let’s hope your pension schemes aren’t playing this type of hard and fast. O that’s right,... After all they’re only human. ...Amen... It’s pulled back the curtains and ripped down the pole. We see you President Donald Trump. I think they pissed of the wrong President and global master influencer. He’s now draining the swamp. 😂
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