Laila Odom | #GetSome Ep. 154 with Gary Owen

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Gary Owen

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On the latest episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary chats with actress Laila Odom star of the Salt N Pepa movie
00:45 - Meeting Laila on Undercover Brother 2
05:13 - Coming up in New Jersey
08:10 - Laila's gonna blow up
11:13 - Kevin Hart at the Comedy Union
16:15 - Auditioning for Undercover Brother 2
23:15 - Actors and comedians
28:01 - The Salt N Pepa movie
35:50 - Boxing breakdown
43:13 - Kicked in the balls
54:12 - In school suspension
55:12 - Dry humping and kissing in movie
1:06:25 - Torey Lanez
Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!

Rhyolite _
Rhyolite _ 3 күн мурун
I remembered her from Zane's Sex Chronicles, I think she's a total Queen.
Ask ABlackDude
Ask ABlackDude 22 күн мурун
Gary hit Kenya all night that night.
cj wins
cj wins 23 күн мурун
Stop blushing Gary 😂
F. Ur Feelings
F. Ur Feelings 25 күн мурун
They should have had the scene when Pepa rejected Will Smith. I know she is still kicking herself in the AZZ.
RAGENKING 26 күн мурун
She ain't all that just checked her out no booty she got that biracial shape lol
smith housen
smith housen 27 күн мурун
She is gorgeous... She sounds like Nicole Ari Parker
OffTheHookGirls Ай мурун
Gary interviews are fun kudos
OffTheHookGirls Ай мурун
I thought she was Lamar Odom's daughter
Jeffrey Batchler
Jeffrey Batchler Ай мурун
boom thats where i kno her from zanes sex chronicles , i couldnt put a finger on it lol
Torrey In New York City
Torrey In New York City Ай мурун
She is beautiful! She is fine as hell!!!
Cornelia Fulmore
Cornelia Fulmore Ай мурун
She’s pretty but she’s boring in this interview.
nyashalot 4960
nyashalot 4960 Ай мурун
85%ers I know y'all remember her 😂😂
Nicole Pickett-Edwards
Nicole Pickett-Edwards Ай мурун
she looks like your wife.
Scott Porche
Scott Porche Ай мурун
If Gary makes a move in anyway...All of Oakland will be on a red-eye in the next
Patrice Strothers Stafford
Patrice Strothers Stafford Ай мурун
Thank you Gary and Laila for the jewels about investing in your passions, from Mario Van Peebles impacting Gary to Laila taking on trading stocks when the uncertainty of 2020 hit her career path. Loved this entire interview. Many blessings to you both!
I like ol girl she cool as fuck yell
Jeannette Lee
Jeannette Lee Ай мурун
Why is she undressing,,,,, Gary’s wife will kick her ass lol
Willie Brown
Willie Brown Ай мурун
It was Zane Chronicles Gary!! Loved that show lol
Mark Love
Mark Love Ай мурун
Why is she so fine & know boxing.
Leonard Randolph
Leonard Randolph Ай мурун
Great interview. She looks like “Different World” Jada.
sanyoblue Ай мурун
Anthony Cornell
Anthony Cornell Ай мурун
She's so fine...
Ray K
Ray K Ай мурун
She could play Jada
Tonya Ingram
Tonya Ingram Ай мурун
Love and a Bullet is the movie
MarcMyWerdz Ай мурун
Gary's inner voice: "I love my wife, I love my wife..."
Dee Brown
Dee Brown Ай мурун
Right?! Lol
Genis Vell
Genis Vell Ай мурун
I think I love my wife. I think so.
B Nice
B Nice Ай мурун
She is Beautiful!!
Brandale Carter
Brandale Carter Ай мурун
Love *My crazy roommate*.
Brandale Carter
Brandale Carter Ай мурун
Love her.... She should b major.
Wuz Good
Wuz Good Ай мурун
I like Laila...she so cool
Justin Swartz
Justin Swartz Ай мурун
I don’t know what’s wrong with folks slap that subscribe button it don’t cost you nothing to support the greatest light skin brother of our time.
Terence Gee
Terence Gee Ай мурун
And she loves boxing.... I'm in love
kjdnyhmghfvb Ай мурун
Yep it was love and a bullet. I remember renting it because of Walter Emmanuel Jones, and yep it was there. It didn't really make any sense to go full frontal... (it never really does) so I remembered being a little shock myself.
Andre E
Andre E Ай мурун
If Will Smith ever gets into a public entanglement..
keep it 6 yr vet
keep it 6 yr vet Ай мурун
As he should
ed Ol
ed Ol Ай мурун
She looks like Jada Pinkett Smith .
More Tune
More Tune Ай мурун
Zanes sex chronicles
Sharonda Lewis
Sharonda Lewis Ай мурун
Isn't she the one that did those Kevin Hart reenactments with Woody the Great??
A Legionary of the Aventine
A Legionary of the Aventine Ай мурун
Smart water is $6 your neck of the woods Gary gotdamn?!
VADER The Kitten Channel
VADER The Kitten Channel Ай мурун
She could be Halle Berry little sister. 🤔
syckindahead Ай мурун
Great testimonials about Prince Markie D. May he RIP.
Jon James
Jon James Ай мурун
Thought this was teanna trump
Alison Connor
Alison Connor Ай мурун
The massive operation neatly book because judo problematically try till a zealous var verbs = [aardvark. unwieldy, slow stem
syckindahead Ай мурун
One question that came up a lot was if Cleveland Berto played both the Hurby Luvebug role and H's brother in the movie.
syckindahead Ай мурун
Agree with what she said about Jersey. She's from EO, I'm from S. Orange. Jersey represent🙌🏿For the record, there is a nice part of Newark.
True Beauty
True Beauty Ай мурун
She is definitely beautiful😀, my gosh she is gorgeous to me!
Dairyonte DeCoteau
Dairyonte DeCoteau Ай мурун
She's beautiful 😍😍😍
Brownie S
Brownie S Ай мурун
17:06 "They said, 'the wig'" 🤣🤣🤣
jalenthegod tv
jalenthegod tv Ай мурун
Laila is too damn sexy
christopher williams
christopher williams Ай мурун
really dope interview! good chemistry and both of you were really funny!
Derek Bee
Derek Bee Ай мурун
She’s gorgeous
Cassandra Vilinsky
Cassandra Vilinsky Ай мурун
Gary get Woody !!! He’s od talented !
3rdgenbobby Ай мурун
Hold up I just looked it up, I mos def saw her in that show🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
BobbyJOnline Podcast
BobbyJOnline Podcast Ай мурун
Great show Gary and Laila!!!
AbuBakr International
AbuBakr International Ай мурун
Chronicles was bangin. Laila is beautiful and only reason I watched UCB 2 and S&P ..... do ya thang beautiful
Mansour TheGreat
Mansour TheGreat Ай мурун
who is this.......WOW
FAB Personal Growth and Development
FAB Personal Growth and Development Ай мурун
If I could work with anyone in a movie it would be Oprah Winfrey. My time is coming. Wait he's not interviewing me.... yet😂😂😂
S Bura
S Bura Ай мурун
Gary is definitely sitting a little closer to his guest today.
VADER The Kitten Channel
VADER The Kitten Channel Ай мурун
Neko Black
Neko Black Ай мурун
She look like Kelly Rowland mixed with lisa raye
Arbor Thomas
Arbor Thomas Ай мурун
😍😍😍 she is soooo beautiful and I like her personality she os a cutie I hope she makes it big in holly wood
michele holley
michele holley Ай мурун
I am going to watch Under Cover Brother 2. Gary stop flirting with that Fine A** Sister, who looks so much like Jada Pinkett-Smith.
Ex Smith
Ex Smith Ай мурун
She is so sexy !
Rufus Hunt
Rufus Hunt Ай мурун
Damn Laila fine😍
Ringo Ringo
Ringo Ringo Ай мурун
All these dumb comments about " Gary's Wife bla bla bla... I mean c'mon everybody... ... Kenya Who ?!!!!!!!
Delana Oliver
Delana Oliver Ай мурун
She was in Zane's Sex Chronicles, the show that she didn't want to bring up. That was an awesome show. I hope she was not ashamed of being in it.
Delana Oliver
Delana Oliver Ай мурун
@Ed Esteezy To me there was nothing wrong with the show. It had one of the best dramatic scenes with her in it. If she is worried about the sex scenes, she shouldn't. It wasn't raunchy. It was based on the books by the author mentioned above. The author is a genius.
Ed Esteezy
Ed Esteezy Ай мурун
What was wrong with the show?
Shakir Manners
Shakir Manners Ай мурун
I LOVEEE that you have black women on the pod!! Support more thank you fam
c1tyboy415 Ай мурун
D I M E P I E C E. Damn...
c1tyboy415 Ай мурун
And she's a Trinidad fan.....marry me lady!
Carol Winters
Carol Winters Ай мурун
I saw " love and a bullet" but I was surprised Treach wasn't hanging lower. Maybe he a grow-er not a show-er🤷🏾‍♀️
nerd380 Ай мурун
That's why he always angry
Smitty2K Ай мурун
Who can say No to Her? 🔥🔥
T Lynch
T Lynch Ай мурун
Tyson fury has always cheated and nobody wants to admit it
Constance V.
Constance V. Ай мурун
Laila is very personable, and she reminds me of Kenya!
Rich High
Rich High Ай мурун
Looking like a young Jada... wit her sexy ass 👀
Everyday Thang with PJ
Everyday Thang with PJ Ай мурун
Looking for the white guy here in the comments
Zane was dope 😁😁😁
NolimitHotboyChris Ай мурун
Gary owen for next President
MelquanKatz Ай мурун
Looks good, loves boxing and funny. "Yeah look it Barbara I ain't coming home no more"
Cary Steele
Cary Steele Ай мурун
Loved it! This interview was really fun!
Ray Neal III
Ray Neal III Ай мурун
Gorgeous woman and very talented on her job
Kandra NA
Kandra NA Ай мурун
She's hilarious, down to earth, and beautiful. And she can ACT for real 💙💅🏾😍
Natia Amoani
Natia Amoani Ай мурун
I hope her career blows up. JERSEY YYAAASSSS but seriously she did great as pepa
Mawya Deen
Mawya Deen Ай мурун
grary's trying really hard not to react to her😂 just let go fam.
Mawya Deen
Mawya Deen Ай мурун
she's fineeee as hell!! She looks like a young Jada pinkith😍
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Ай мурун
She favors Nicole Ari Parker and Deborah Cox if you youngins know these ladies
greyonyx08 Ай мурун
@Mawya Deen Lol It's Pinkett.
Mawya Deen
Mawya Deen Ай мурун
@Whooo Dat isn"t that how u spell it?
Whooo Dat
Whooo Dat Ай мурун
whitney denise
whitney denise Ай мурун
Finally! I always say that she looks like jada to me
Mawya Deen
Mawya Deen Ай мурун
U fake like This berkin LOL
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark Ай мурун
I feel like I've seen this interview before. Is this a re release? I can't find her interviewing anywhere else but it seems super familiar.
D Dorsey
D Dorsey Ай мурун
She’s beautiful
Lo'Down Media
Lo'Down Media Ай мурун
Hey Gary, let's make a long-term Midwest football bet. I bet you that my Chicago Bears will make it to another Superbowl before your Cincinnati Bengals. ???
Cecil Tapley
Cecil Tapley Ай мурун
Gary, man you always have good people on your Tube. CECIL TAPLEY Akron Ohio
johnsonjg1 Ай мурун
Bruh she sounds so much like Kerry Washington its low key hard to watch 🤣🤣🤣🤣 save the last dance sounding ass
Kandra NA
Kandra NA Ай мурун
Lol, you silly. I just said I love her voice 🤣
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Ай мурун
She should play jada in the will Smith biopic
Bori Ай мурун
Yea and Gary should play Will
Plan Innovation
Plan Innovation Ай мурун
@Eric Brown yeah u have a point there
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Ай мурун
True but it's the movies
Plan Innovation
Plan Innovation Ай мурун
She's 5ft 9in. Jada is 5ft even.
MeToo84 Ай мурун
Her purse being there is off-putting. I don't know how much of this video I'll actually keep watching. Girl, bye.
syckindahead Ай мурун
your loss✌🏿
Laila Odom
Laila Odom Ай мурун
I was featuring my purse by Sonique Saturday, a talented, young, black bag designer. Sorry it bothered you, supporting my friend
A Noble
A Noble Ай мурун
There's going to be some Trouble Trouble at home today......Reel back Gary she laughing to hard at your jokes.
insomthegreat Ай мурун
She filed today Lol Now we get a free Gary.
Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong Ай мурун
Oh I remember her now she's was a lead actress in Zane Sex Chronicles on Cinemax softcore porn TV series....It was a popular book among young Black adults...Zane Sex Chronicles and Jump Off. The uncle from Snow Falls played her boyfriend in the series Amin Joseph! A lot of Black Porn stars had cameo appearances in the late nite tv series. It was like a Black Sex in The City she was like the Samantha of the group.
Orm Jenkins JAYICE1
Orm Jenkins JAYICE1 Ай мурун
Zane Sex Chronicles she WIIIILD
thevizualassassin Ай мурун
She is BEAUTIFUL!! She looks like a cross between Jada Pinket-Smith and Kelly Rowland mashed together.
Todd Adams
Todd Adams Ай мурун
Ray Neal III
Ray Neal III Ай мурун
On point
Kandra NA
Kandra NA Ай мурун
Damn, since ya said it I really see it. I think she's gorgeous 😍 and I think her voice is nice.
j dizzy
j dizzy Ай мурун
She so damn fine🔥🔥🔥 I wanna see her with out the makeup
VADER The Kitten Channel
VADER The Kitten Channel Ай мурун
She doesn’t look like she has a lot of make-up on here.
Chill Gil
Chill Gil Ай мурун
Lost a ball....That's HILARIOUS
Chris Gainey
Chris Gainey Ай мурун
How she brings up boxing and then know nothing abt boxing lol she was jus a Zab groupie lol
Nice Ай мурун
Damn she fine !! That accent is sexy
Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong Ай мурун
Oh Wow she's knows her boxing! I'd marry her immediately!
Alfred Bishop
Alfred Bishop Ай мурун
I would watch zane chronicles for her only!!! Sexy and fine as shit!!!
Blade Brown
Blade Brown Ай мурун
Looks like a younger version of Jada! Fine and funny! 😍😍😍
@Blade Brown u did. I read it wrong doing something else. My bad
Blade Brown
Blade Brown Ай мурун
@LITTY SMITTY I thought I said they younger version of Jada? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Its complex.. Because jada looks like her with the surgery. Now Jada before the surgery looks 💣
J Spark
J Spark Ай мурун
Yo why isn't your lips matching what you are saying somebody's getting fired lmao JK but you this is weird 💀 😂 🤣 lol
Deion Khan
Deion Khan Ай мурун
Next time just skip back 10 seconds and then go back to where it was and you should be good
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