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Bino Synn
Bino Synn 2 саат мурун
How was you married to a black woman and you got a fake ghetto accent
Bubb Lee V
Bubb Lee V 3 саат мурун
His voice is the inner me talking to myself 🤣
Jason Rippstein
Jason Rippstein 4 саат мурун
Gail Jackson-Chapman
Gail Jackson-Chapman 4 саат мурун
Bill Cosby got railroaded. Now everyone women is coming out from junior high schools days saying some man touch them WTF😤😡
FrenchToast MashedPotatoes
FrenchToast MashedPotatoes 6 саат мурун
Damn this guy sucks. Proof they give a special to anyone.
OC 7 саат мурун
I like how Gary inherited all of Bernie Mac's ad lib style. It works somehow, haha "Shit!"
KING DEVON 8 саат мурун
Funny Guy! I Pray That His Wife Reconsider's Getting A Divorce Because I LOVE Him And Kenya Duke-Owen Together...
Angela White
Angela White 8 саат мурун
Love me some Gary O.!!!!
Dark Days
Dark Days 8 саат мурун
Tony Mower
Tony Mower 9 саат мурун
Lmfao! Appreciate your service brother. Im an MA in the reserves!
Taro Q
Taro Q 10 саат мурун
Common sense & wisdom
Common sense & wisdom 12 саат мурун
Scripted comedy is not for me mine is spontaneous it’s like combustion when it happens I truly have nothing to do with it it’s just my way of expressing myself my son says I’m funny my husband says I’m funny most people do you laugh at me and that’s what I’m trying to get them to do laugh relax let it go but I don’t think I have the guts to stand up
Common sense & wisdom
Common sense & wisdom 12 саат мурун
I’m a natural comedian because it is the history of every comedian that makes them a comedian I have that history as well I just didn’t make a living my comedic sense of humor was a survival method is a survival method I’m still funny
Common sense & wisdom
Common sense & wisdom 12 саат мурун
Gary we just bonded on when you said your parents conceived you in October you were born in July I think you said my parents conceived me January 1956 Elvis Presley was rocking and so was their bed nine months nine days later here I am
Kali Boi247
Kali Boi247 13 саат мурун
If you haven't seen this guy live your missing out.
Carra Payne
Carra Payne 14 саат мурун
Welp...this didn't age well.😄 Just kidding...We love you both! I hope this thing works out well for all parties involved.
Tony Cook
Tony Cook 8 саат мурун
A Alvarez
A Alvarez 16 саат мурун
only if there were piranhas in the water
Precious Owusu
Precious Owusu 19 саат мурун
Hilarious so true.
Rick James
Rick James 20 саат мурун
You know they playing I believe I can fly while making sweet love to him
battlerapFien fay'tality
battlerapFien fay'tality 20 саат мурун
I love Gary
bljohn22bj 21 саат мурун
Everyone makes a mistake. You either forgive that person or move on.
Lee Troy
Lee Troy 21 саат мурун
Lmaoo I’m dead for that blk panther joke 🤣😂
Bob 22 саат мурун
Do the material I sent to you. Bitcoin are the new food stamps. Bitcoin can only be spend to control inflation. Economic joke work, your audience been to college, an got their associates.
SheLikes Her
SheLikes Her 22 саат мурун
Jae Danielle
Jae Danielle 23 саат мурун
D JJ C. 23 саат мурун
I literally almost pissed my shorts bro, damn you are funny as hell! Thank you for the laughs, 😂😂😂
Melvin Carlton Johnson III
Melvin Carlton Johnson III 23 саат мурун
😭😭😭😭😭😭 🥳🍾🎉🥂🎊🥳 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 III
Javier Javier Ortiz
Javier Javier Ortiz Күн мурун
Gary always very funny
tdotjournalist Күн мурун
Does anyone know if this is pre- or post- fucking up his marriage with wife?
Tony Cook
Tony Cook 9 саат мурун
This is before him and his wife problem..
No No Word
No No Word Күн мурун
..why'd you upload the same vid?
Albert James
Albert James Күн мурун
Tips from a pro on the low
Trippy Figueroa
Trippy Figueroa Күн мурун
Lmfao 😅🤣
Dee Gutta
Dee Gutta Күн мурун
yo this is hilarious af HAPPY CINCO 2021
lite brite 27
lite brite 27 Күн мурун
Once it's safe to go see a standup comic this man right here is it.
lite brite 27
lite brite 27 Күн мурун
Oh shit kevin& wife gon be pissed all the way off.
Jason Ficcone
Jason Ficcone Күн мурун
Original how a white guy says the N-word sketch: kgglobal.info/phone/gZh2e7GYuLuqo6g/video.html
sB cRUiZer2o3
sB cRUiZer2o3 Күн мурун
deeEzAMm i ThouGHt ciNco de Mayo meant one thing of Mayonaise lol my bust wat up Gary ima say sumtin
Aretha Walker
Aretha Walker Күн мурун
G.O. is a fantastic comedian!! 🤣🤣😂🖐🏾
syckindahead Күн мурун
Where's the lie tho?😄
Lifeless Zombie Aka Brent
Lifeless Zombie Aka Brent Күн мурун
You are hilarious!!! #Doin’ what I do. 😂
julian Johnson
julian Johnson Күн мурун
I guess this goin be the last guest for a while
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Күн мурун
This skit was absolutely brilliant 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😅😭😭
Chris P
Chris P Күн мурун
Bringin that Heat, Gary!
John Hernandez
John Hernandez Күн мурун
i'm from el salvador but your my favorite comedian fr
Just Joe
Just Joe Күн мурун
When I ran the clubs I happened to know the food truck guy from school and he always hooked me up with sliders. It works, especially when the dude says nah, you dont have to pay! I hope all is well and life evens out for yah, you're a funny comedian who deserved more.
Ironson Күн мурун
Still gotta go to a radio station see if i can get a foot in the door. Still got to do stuff at the boxing gym. Man im tired
Ironson Күн мурун
The Marines walked me over to the Air Force yesterday.
Chiko was here
Chiko was here Күн мурун
I hope that G doesn't lose half his audience because of what happened.
chantall meyer
chantall meyer Күн мурун
@Jenifer Nyhuis cheated on his wife they been together for like 20 years
Chiko was here
Chiko was here Күн мурун
@Jenifer Nyhuis Depends, according to his wife she caught him cheating and has proof via texts. Most of his fanbase is black, and most of them won't support him after this.
Jenifer Nyhuis
Jenifer Nyhuis Күн мурун
What happened, is he ok?
koeberle Күн мурун
You're a great guy Gary, I did the same and the student. He did so good the school gave him a scholarship for the remaining 3 years AND gave him a scholarship for his masters.
Anju IndianPrincess
Anju IndianPrincess Күн мурун
Alright Gary - come out of hiding 😅😅. We forgive love and miss you ❤️🥰❤️
Michelle J
Michelle J Күн мурун
I do not know where exactly they are in California but he either is in the wrong neighborhood or he just does not know where to go. The Midwest is CRAP the questionable restaurants the he list are all that they have in the Midwest especially because of COVID-19. I would NEVER trade California for the Buttho** Midwest.
Enrique luis Cisneros
Enrique luis Cisneros Күн мурун
It doesn’t work when the guy is unattractive and hideous like me , believe me
aa vv
aa vv Күн мурун
DEBO GREEN Күн мурун
G. Owens is hilarious
Stardustxx Күн мурун
Hell yea you know you always remember the guys you went to Denny's with after the club lol...that's an East Coast thing
RiteousOne Күн мурун
Definitely an East Coast thing🤣
jay jones
jay jones Күн мурун
Funny asl 😭👏🏾 but new jokes ?
Locating Leigh
Locating Leigh Күн мурун
Yes this would for sure get me. 😂 A lil ground beef and conversion is all you need for me to fall hook line and sinker 😅
Caspian Drew
Caspian Drew Күн мурун
@Frank Tanner yea, have been using Flixzone for years myself :)
Frank Tanner
Frank Tanner Күн мурун
a trick: you can watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies recently.
Erin Contreras
Erin Contreras Күн мурун
Where can I watch the whole thing? Lol
Nocx Kai
Nocx Kai Күн мурун
Feed a girl they'll like you lmao
September Brown
September Brown Күн мурун
bigredaaron1979 Күн мурун
Just Grind That Pepper... LMFAO !!!
Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson Күн мурун
nic ward
nic ward Күн мурун
Not gassin, not exaggerating, but this is one of the funniest stand-ups I’ve seen in a LOOONG time. Fr..
lite brite 27
lite brite 27 Күн мурун
Yes I was just going to write this.
Highly Flavored Films
Highly Flavored Films Күн мурун
Most people save for rainy days!! I save so i can always be ready to see this guy if he comes to Boston!!
JJ Күн мурун
the joke at 2:02 didn't age well 😂
India LD
India LD Күн мурун
Selma has to be the CUT OFF!!
Flow Forever
Flow Forever 19 саат мурун
Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Күн мурун
Gary is a foooo 😂!!!
Veronica Marks
Veronica Marks Күн мурун
Gary really cracks me up
Che Nieves
Che Nieves Күн мурун
Latoya Griffin
Latoya Griffin Күн мурун
Obviously, his son has not been looking hard enough...
Mntimandze Bhambolunye
Mntimandze Bhambolunye Күн мурун
can't tell u
Latoya Griffin
Latoya Griffin Күн мурун
I agree with the chitterlings aka chitlins...never have, never will.
Lyndsay Blassingame
Lyndsay Blassingame Күн мурун
Im so sad she filed for divorce. I absolutely love watching them together. Idk what the situation is and hope it works out but they just look amazing together and seem like they have a such a great relationship. :/
Merci Mvuyekure
Merci Mvuyekure Күн мурун
Trenchboitj Күн мурун
Bro Gary is so underrated he needs all the attention
Donell Jackson
Donell Jackson Күн мурун
Gary is one of the funniest people I've ever heard, I love you bro.
Alis Jordan
Alis Jordan 20 саат мурун
Factssssssssss. Him, tucker, rock, Martin, will, Bernie, there's so many.
The Mic Magazine MIC TV
The Mic Magazine MIC TV Күн мурун
Go BACK and get YOUR QUEEN…she LOVES you🥲❤️
Bomayé Kai
Bomayé Kai Күн мурун
Definitely didn’t age well but I love my guy he innocent🤣💯
Justice Justice
Justice Justice Күн мурун
Why so many censorship? KGglobal do not allow you to have profanity?
si3gnal 2 күн мурун
Real talk regarding the wrestling. I was a senior wrestling *MUCH better record, though*, but the Marine recruiter told me the same kind of sh!t. However, he was trying to get me to put wrestling on the back burner. I was like "Naaah, I wanna go to college, enter as an officer and wrestle." Recruiter: "Based your grades that's not gonna happen." BUUUT, if you think college is better than the military, good luck with that. (in a fncked up tone)" Me: "Aight, I do. Good luck with your recruiting then."